Welcome tripleWRECK to Team Envy!

Team Envy is excited to announce the signing of Ari “tripleWRECK” Smith as a content creator for our organization. tripleWRECK is known for his presence on Twitch and Youtube and for creating engaging, high-quality content. He will continue to produce new content under Team Envy’s brand focused on competitive play in some of today’s most engaging and popular FPS games.

tripleWRECK’s primary stream on his 274k Twitch follower community known as WRECKnation is centered on popular titles such as Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite and more. Team Envy is thrilled for the opportunity to expand our content creation team and amplify our brand through talented gamers like Ari who seek to entertain and impress with exemplary gameplay.

Keep an eye out for tripleWRECK’s new content and be sure to give him a warm welcome as he transitions to his new role creating content for Team Envy. Learn more about Ari and check out his stream and content across these popular social media and streaming platforms: Twitch | Twitter | Youtube

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