Team Manager

Bari-da Kpea

Team Coach


Team Location

United States



Team History

The Team Envy Paladins eSports roster was introduced in September 2017. The roster had once been known as SWARM. As SWARM, the team landed 2nd in the NA Paladins Global Pro League. Since the our debut in Paladins, we have landed top 10 in Paladins Premier League. Our current roster is Sean “rockmonkey” Boswell, Ryan “RuBBu” Wong, Wolfgang “MrHaze” Hafer, Minseok “Tulky” Kim, and Paul “randomnoob” Palmisano. They recently achieved their first championship win at the Paladins Esports Superstars Paladins LAN.

I love Team Envy’s Enthusiasm

The one thing we all have grown to love about Team Envy is their enthusiasm!  They say one of the toughest things about being at the top is staying at the top!  Their pure dedication to their team from the coach to every player is apparent by watching any of their tournaments.

Being one of the top Paladins eSports teams

Watching them rise to the top is a true underdog story!  But nothing keeps these guys from rising!  I love their engagement with their fans.  They don’t mess around when it comes to competitions or the Esports world!  Putting in the time, dedication, and work needed to rise to the top!

They are one of the most intense Esport Teams!

As a fan, I just can’t get enough of the Paladins eSports team!  As most of their fans, I love their intensity and devotion to the game and league.

Check out Team Envy Becoming Superstars!