Paladins World Champs Re-Signed for 2019 Season

The Envy Paladins team is back! Established in 2017, the team has multiple top 10 finishes. With this new season, we are excited to see to top once again.

2018 Season

Our first win as a team came from the Esports Superstars tournament in the Esports Arena Las Vegas. We qualified as the Wildcard team from the our Paladins Pro League Season 2. We were placed in the losers bracket, but it made for a Cinderella story as we fought our way out to take the win. If you want to read exactly how we won, check out  Envy Paladins Become Esports Superstars.

Although we were top 5 throughout most of the year of 2018, we did land a few first place finishes. One of which ended our Paladins team as the World Champions: The Paladins World Championship at HRX 2018 which showcased at DreamHack Atlanta. After an undefeated run through the PPL, we ended up in the losers bracket of the PWC. This didn’t deter the team, who blasted through the losers bracket to take on NaVi in Grand Finals. NaVi fought hard, but it ultimately wasn’t enough as we took the title with a 4 – 2 win, echoing our first victory in May that year.

The New Season Begins

Though we were titled World Champions, the team was released for a short period of time. Today, we announced the return of our hard-hitting team. The line-up will not change, and we are pleased to bring back Tulky, MrHaze, randomnoob, rockmonkey, RuBBu and coach Metapusher.

This season will change for the Paladins Premier League. The PPL will no longer be based on when they play (i.e. fall, winter, etc). The season will now last year round and each game counts towards the team’s overall score. The format will be as such:

  • Pre-Season (cancelled for 2019 Season)
  • Phase 1 (13 weeks of play)
  • LAN 1 (All-Star Event)
  • LAN 2 (Mid-Season Invitational)
  • Phase 2 (13 weeks of play)
  • Final LAN (Paladins World Championship)

2018 was a great year for the Paladins team, and with the new 2019 seasonal format, we look to bring even more to the table.


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