OpTic Nation HCS Seattle 2v2 Tournament Ruleset



HCS Halo Infinite 2v2 Rules




This is an in-person event. Only OpTic Nation Gold members are eligible to participate. There is no entry fee. You must sign your team up at the OpTic Gaming tent no later than 11:00 am on Saturday, October 22, 2023, to be able to participate.




Game: Halo Infinite

Platform: Xbox

Input: Cross Input (Controller)




Day 1 (Saturday, October 22):

  • Mode: Slayer
  • Starting weapons: Standard
  • Map: Live Fire
  • Matches will be played in a best of 1 series, with the winner staying on.
  • Teams earn points by aggregating continuous wins (winstreaking) in one session
  • The four (4) teams with the most points by 4:00 pm local time move on to a single elimination, bracket tournament on Sunday morning
  • In the event of a tie, a single Best of 1 match will be played to determine the winner



Day 2 (Sunday, October 23):

  • Mode: Slayer
  • Starting weapons: Standard
  • Four (4)-team, single elimination bracket tournament (seeds based on results from Day 1)
  • Matches will be played in a best of 3 series
  • Maps pre-determined by tournament organizer(s)


*All matches will be supervised by a representative from the tournament organizer(s). Any disputes that arise during the matches shall be resolved by the tournament organizer representative in their sole discretion.


Prize Money:

$1,000 cash prize pool

  • $800 to 1st place team
  • $200 to 2nd place team


Schedule (all times are local Pacific Time):


Day 1:

10:00 am – Sign-ups begin at OpTic Gaming tent
11:00 am – Sign-ups are closed
11:30 am – Day 1 matches start

4:00 pm – Day 1 matches end

4:30 pm – Top four teams announced/Day 2 bracket published


Day 2:

10:00 am – Day 2 tournament begins

12:00 pm – Day 2 tournament ends




Only the players who sign up to participate in the tournament will be allowed to compete. There will be no substitutions permitted once the tournament matches begin.




By participating in the tournament, you grant OpTic Gaming and other tournament organizers the right to photograph and record you while participating in the tournament and the right to use for any reasonable business purpose your name, likeness and image, including, but not limited to, photographs, recordings, interview, videotapes, motion pictures, or similar auditory recording of you created in connection with the tournament. OpTic Gaming shall own all recorded footage of and relating to the tournament.




All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, their team, the tournament organizer(s), sponsors, attendees, and other participants. No forms of cheating will be tolerated. Players must not use obscene gestures, language, or offensive comments during tournament activity. This includes: (i) hate speech or discriminatory behavior; (ii) violent or physical aggression or behavior; (iii) threats; (iv) sexual harassment of any kind; (v) racist or sexist words, phrases, or gestures; (vi) extreme profanity; (vii) any “sound-alike” or “look-alike” words or phrases that reference these topics; or (viii) any other type of conduct deemed inappropriate at the discretion of the tournament organizer(s). If any of the foregoing is exhibited, the tournament organizer(s) reserve the right to disqualify offending participants in the tournament organizer(s)’ sole discretion. All participants are expected to be respectful of the tournament organizer(s), sponsors and partners.