Gfinity Elite Series Season 4: Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

The Gifinity Elite Series has arrived and Team Envy are showing why we are the team to beat. Fridays and Saturdays, the days are filled with FIFA ‘19 goals, Rocket League aerials and Street Fighter V command grabs. Before you watch this week’s games, here’s a quick recap of how we’ve done.

FIFA ‘19

In week one, we faced off against Reason Gaming and their “Dream Team” for FIFA ‘19. The first set of games were played on the Xbox One with Jablett and Joey. Within the first five minutes, Reason scored the first goal for the lead. Despite our good defense throughout the first half, we reached halftime with no goals. During the second half, however, we managed to tie up with Reason, taking it to  a score of 2 – 2. Our Playstation 4 games were much more in our control. We maintained pressure onto Reason, who seemed scattered against our offensive pushes. By halftime, we lead the game 3 – 0. Reason were able to push into our side of the field, but it was no good. Our defense was too strong and the second game ended with our 3 – 0 victory.

Method was our opponent in week two. The Xbox game played similarly to week one’s games. Both teams were strong in their defense, not wanting to give over an early lead. Ultimately, it lead to another tied game (1 – 1). Communication was strong once again from our Playstation players. We led the game 1 – 0 going into halftime, and at 60 minutes in game, we took a second goal. Method couldn’t read our pushes, and we soon found ourselves in a 3 – 0 lead. At 88 game-minutes, Method finally manage a goal, but it was too late. The clock ticked down, and we had taken the second game 3 – 1.

Rocket League

Week one was the debut of our newest member Oscillon. Despite being a rookie player, Oscillon proved his worth on defense. Although we started the first game with a 2 – 0 lead thanks to Mout, Reason came back and swept game 1 away. After this, we were unable to make a comeback. The best-of-five ended in a 0 – 3 loss.

The loss was not a total defeat though, and we bounced back in the second week against Method. We fell behind in the series, losing 2 – 3 and 0 – 2 respectively. During game 3, it looked as though Method had the upper hand with momentum on their side. Unfortunately for them, Oscillon was able to tie the game at 3:30 on the clock. Oscillon wasn’t finished though, and he spiked the ball one more time for a 2 – 1 lead which led to a win. This was the victory we needed to get our momentum in full swing. We played more aggressively and began to create plays we couldn’t before, ultimately winning us the series in a reverse sweep.

Street Fighter V

Week one of SFV proved exciting as we faced Reason. Our champions, Layo, Nassim-Claw and Mr Crimson, faced off against Poizesto, AngryMojoSan, and VegaPatch. Layo fell to Poizesto’s Cammy in a fierce matchup, but Mr Crimson took down AngryMojoSan’s Akuma with his domineering Dhalsim plays. Nassim-Claw was up next, playing two games back-to-back. First was VegaPatch’s F.A.N.G, taking him to a third round. He nearly fell to VegaPatch despite getting him to a sliver of health, but a well timed wake-up attack won the round for him. Against Poizesto, Nassim-Claw tried to force the Reason player into the corner. Poizesto was able to reverse the corner pressure, however, and Nassim-Claw fell 1 – 2 in the match up. The series was tied as Mr Crimson faced VegaPatch. F.A.N.G’s poison turned out to be a thorne in Mr Crimson’s side, and we fell behind in the series. Nassim was able to bring his A-game against Poizesto as they battled once again, taking the game 2 -1. This tied the series 3 – 3 and one final round would give victory to either us or Reason. Mr Crimson took on AngryMojoSan next and with trades that Akuma couldn’t handle, Mr Crimson won the game 2 – 1. Ultimately we won over the series 4 – 3 and looking just as strong as we had in season 3.

Method faced us in week 2 with Packz, Imstilldadaddy and Broski. This series, we subbed out Layo for Abdess, our resident Akuma player. Mr Crimson led the team with a 2 – 1 win, but Abdess was next against Imstilldadaddy’s Guile. Unfortunately the match-up wasn’t in Abdess’ favor, falling 0 – 2, and Method tied up the series. Nassim-Claw didn’t fail in his Vega plays in his match against Broski’s Dhalsim. Nassim-Claw was able to corner Broski in both rounds for a quick and confident 2 – 0 win. We were back in the lead. Although we held confidence, Imstilldadaddy and Broski weren’t ready to give up the series. Nassim-Claw lost against Imstilldadaddy’s zoning sonic booms in both his matches while Abdess couldn’t get in to fight Broski’s Dhalsim up close. We lost the series 2 – 4, but this was a learning experience to take into the next week.


Be sure to tune into the matches this week as we face Vitality and exceL! The streams can be found on the Gfinity Elite Series Facebook Page. Below, you can find each stream and the times in which they start. You can also keep up with us by following us on Twitter and checking out our Youtube channel.

FIFA ’19 Fridays starting at 1:30pm EST

Rocket League Saturdays starting at 5:30am EST

Street Fighter V Saturdays starting 1:30pm EST

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