Envy Gaming Welcomes Top Rocket League Content Creator Athena

Athena Signing Adds Another Top Texas Creator with Worldwide Appeal to Envy


DALLAS (August 3) – Dallas based esports and entertainment organization Envy Gaming announced the signing of “Athena”, one of the most popular content creators focused on the popular video game Rocket League, to its growing creator network. The multitalented streamer, who is also a musician and regular Rocket League competitor, boasts over 1.5 million followers across her TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter channels.


Athena joins a growing number of content creators including Envy’s Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez based in Austin, Texas. Her irreverent humor, high-skill gameplay, and musical talent combine on any given day to entertain thousands of concurrent viewers through a mix of Rocket League matches and commentary, playing the piano, or just chatting with fans. Competitively, Athena has placed first in the last three Twitch Rivals Rocket League tournaments and appeared regularly as an esports commentator and analyst for Rocket League Esports “The Grid”.


Beginning her streaming career in 2017, Athena has seen major growth and streams seven days a week. Known for popularizing the “Athena Flick,” a move where you expertly miss the goal in Rocket League, she is a widely respected figure in the global Rocket League community that recently reached as many as 75 million players. Athena adds to Envy’s network of diverse content creators focused on lifestyle entertainment and competitive game play, including the Botez Sisters, JustaMinx, BobbyPoff, Sebas, and TeeP.


“Athena is a great fit for the type of culture we’re looking to build,” said Andrew Peterman, Chief Content Officer at Envy Gaming. “She’s one of the most popular Rocket League creators in the world but remains relatable and down-to-earth. We’re excited to have her join Envy and grow with us.”


Future activations include a collaboration with Monstercat, crossover appearances on stream and IRL with top-ranked Envy Rocket League players including 4x RLCS champion Turbopolsa, and more. Follow Athena on Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.


About Envy Gaming

Envy Gaming, Inc. is an entertainment and esports company based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2007, Envy is one of the most winning esports organizations in the world and has grown to include a network of competitive gamers, content creators, and esports teams with global reach. The company owns and operates the Dallas Empire team in the Call of Duty League, the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League, and the Envy franchise. Envy’s ownership group includes superstar Post Malone, esports industry pioneer Mike Rufail, and Gray Television. For more information, visit Envy.gg.

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