Envy COD Qualify for CWL Pro League 2019

After a rough defeat at CWL Las Vegas, Envy CoD qualified for the CWL Pro League the past weekend. They were able to close our reverse sweeps and dominate with 3 – 0 victories. They landed top of their group and qualified undefeated. 

CWL Las Vegas

CWL Las Vegas debuted the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and with it, our new roster. After World War II, we added ACHES, Assault, Silly and Huke to the roster as well as welcomed Apathy back to the Envy team. We were able to get into the Pool Play, but were unable to make it through to the end. After being knocked out during the group stage, the boys focused on coming back stronger in the next matches. 

Embry “Bevils” Bevil, our Call of Duty Coach, was able to give an insight into how the team felt after the Vegas loss. He stated, “Going into Vegas we were confident, but ultimately […]  we weren’t able to close out our S&Ds. After getting knocked out of Vegas, we knew we needed to work on becoming a better S&D and Control team. We put a lot of effort into that during our scrims, and that was the predominant reason we were able to have such a good result at the Pro League qualifiers.”

CWL Pro League

The CWL Pro League Qualifiers were up next. Close rounds and dominating comebacks were the themes of our games as we played in the Call of Duty World League Qualifiers this past weekend. Almost every game was a dominant 3 – 0 or a close 3 -2.  Going undefeated was the redemption needed after CWL Vegas.

“We played who we believed to be the three strongest teams in our group (G2, Heretics, Lightning Pandas) for our first three matches, so we knew going into the qualifier that we had to start out hot to avoid putting ourselves in an uncomfortable scenario. We managed to do just that and after our first three wins it was smooth sailing the rest of the group.” –Bevils on the CWL Pro League Qualifiers

SiLLY, Justin Fargo, felt confidence going into the Group Stages. “Going into the Pro League we’re very confident in our ability to win our group. Our map pool needs to be expanded slightly, but other than that we are almost at our highest level.” he said. “All of us were mostly focusing on working together going into Pro League, we seemed to be all over the place and not playing together. With our recent [Search and Destroy] improvements, and our great respawns we seemed to have fixed most of those issues.”

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