Dallas Empire Warzone Challenge

If you’re a member of EnvyUS, you know we’ve been talking a lot about gearing up for what February has in store. Now, we can stop talking about it and get to work. 

Now, this is unlike anything you’d expect. Instead of the typical events pitting one team against another in typical squads and rule formats, we’re going into Challenges. With some of the biggest names in Warzone competition slated to join in, this is going to be setting the tone for how we play in 2021.

There’s $25,000 on the line for the duos and the squads that can bring in the numbers. 


So, without further adieu, let’s talk about what we’re bringing to the table and the gauntlets we’re throwing down.

The Empire Challenge


February 8th, 2021 at 12pm CST

Streams: Call of Duty Main Twitch | Dallas Empire YouTube Leaderboard

The Empire Challenges:

  • Highest kill game – $1500
  • Snipe Kill over 300+ meters – $500
  • Win a gulag without killing your opponent – $500
  • Get 5 kills using a throwing knife in one game – $400
  • Wipe a squad with a helicopter – $400
  • Win a game only using a sniper and a pistol – $350
  • Run over 6 people in a Truck in one game – $350
  • Get 5 kills with a knife, sword, or cali sticks in one game – $250
  • Execute 3 people in one game – $150
  • Get an in-air kill from the drop – $100
  • Tacos for the Squad Challenge (Max 5 times): Wipe a squad with a helicopter – $400 for the participant, 2 free tacos to anyone in chat who texts EMPIRE to 43972


With a prize pool consisting of First Place ($12,000), Second Place ($6,000) and Third/Fourth ($1000) — there’s still $5,000 worth of Challenge prizes to be sorted among the hungriest of our squads.

Now that those challenges and the prizes have been showcased, let’s talk about who is up for the challenge! On February 7th, the teams will be announced via the Dallas Empire Twitter account, so make sure you’re following with the notifications tapped so you can ready up your predictions.


Hosted by GlitterXplosion and Chance, The Empire Challenge is going to take the biggest in Warzone and give them some room to play. February 8th is the time to find out if Warzone’s heroes are up for the challenge because the Empire is ready for war.

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