Changes to Envy PUBG

Today, we part ways with Envy PUBG’s Caden “Cad3n” Brill after nearly 2 years with Team Envy. Caden has proven skillful in both gameplay mechanics and fragging power helping Envy achieve multiple top 5 finishes. We want to thank Caden for his dedication to the team and the game as well as wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Also departing from Team Envy is Christopher “BixLe” Dunbar, player manager of the PUBG team. BixLe is known for his passion as a player and as a manager, striving to better the team with every event. Thank you, BixLe for everything you’ve done for the team, and well wishes in your future!

New Talent to the Roster

Joining the team this year is Mehmood “Moody” Askar. Moody was a part of Cloud9 from October 2017 to Jan 2019. In his years under C9, Moody has earned many top 5 finishes including 1st in the PGL Fall Invitational 2018 and 2nd in the IEM Katowice Invitational. Be sure to check out Moody’s Twitter and Twitch Channel as well as give him a warm welcome!


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