Envy Overwatch – Trill join the Dallas Fuel

Today we are thrilled to announce that Team Envy’s very own Ashley “Trill” Powell will be promoted from our Contenders team to the Overwatch League, joining the Dallas Fuel roster as a tank player. Trill is in the process of relocating to Los Angeles and will join the Fuel for Stage Three of the Overwatch League regular season.

Hailing from the city of Broome in Western Australia, Trill got his start as a DPS player and competed in many of Overwatch’s earliest tournaments in the Oceanic region. Trill’s team at the time, Jam Gaming, needed a solid tank player to anchor the team and Trill took the responsibility on himself to learn the role and become one of the best tank players in the entire region, leading his teams to top-place finishes in several notable Overwatch tournaments. His impressive play and leadership also secured Trill a spot as Team Australia’s main tank player in Overwatch World Cup 2017.

Moving into 2018, Trill advanced his career and competed in Contenders Pacific Seasons 1 & 2 and once again earned a place on Team Australia roster in Overwatch World Cup 2018, helping his team advance to the quarterfinals.

Despite a devastating 300 ping rate connection for his tryouts for the Overwatch League and Contenders NA, Trill showed amazing promise and gave Envy countless performances to remember. He signed with Team Envy’s Contenders team in late 2018 and helped lead our team to an undefeated performance at the top of the leaderboard during Season Three of Overwatch Contenders NA competition.

After consistent scrims with the Dallas Fuel and an impressive performance in Overwatch Contenders, Trill is ready to burn blue. Please join us in celebrating his transition to Dallas Fuel’s roster as he prepares to show the world what he can do in the highest levels of competition. Give Trill a warm welcome and be sure to follow him on social media. Twitch | Twitter