Gfinity Elite Series Season 4 Roster

As we enter Gfinity Elite Series Season 4, we bring 10 new players to complete our lineups and welcome back some familiar faces. We’re looking forward to a successful season with this new roster.

Street Fighter V

New Players:
Will2pac – Jean Baptiste Wilfried (@wil2pac)
NTSC Abdess – Abdesselam Boutadjine (@NTSCabdess)
GinoDacampo – Gino Christoforou (@GinoDacampo)

Returning Players:
Mister Crimson – Nathan Massol (@MistahCrimson)
Nassim-Claw – Nassim Meslem (@NassimClaw)
Layo – Alais Hardel (@envyus_Layo)


Rocket League

New Players:
RamS – Reece Mullins (@RamS_RL)
Meaty – Niki Jansson (@MeatyRl)
Oscillon – Maarten van Zee (@OscillonRL)
Lofty_TM – Rico Forrester (@Lofty_TM)

Returning Players:
Mout – Alexandre Moutarde (@Alex_Moutmout )
Waffle – Oliver Winther Simonsen (@NV_Waffle)



New Players:
 – Josh Ablett (@Jablett_1)
LostInTheWavesz – Cina Hosseindjani (@LostInTheWavesz)
Joey – Joseph Sharpe (@Joeyy_93_)

Returning Players:
Jas – Jas Singh (@Jas1875x)