CS:GO Asia Championship 2018 Playoff Day 1 Recap

This weekened, Envy is in China for the CS:GO Asia Championship (CAC) 2018. In the CAC, we will be taking on the likes of Natus Vincere, Heroic, Tyloo and more for a $300, 000 prize pool. Each team will play in Best-of-threes within two groups with the top two teams of each group advancing to Semi-finals. The teams in the lower brackets will fight for their spot in the Quarter-finals. If you don’t want to miss out on the action, you can check out the Twitch stream here!



After the group stages, we took off into the quarter-finals, facing Heroic. In the map pool for this best-of-3, we took them onto one of our favorites: Inferno for game 1. We started off on the T side of things, picking up the pistol and the next two for a solid start. We waged an economic war, trading kill for kill and causing the money for weapons to be low. But thankfully, we were able to maintain control of the map due to Heroic’s passive defense. This gave us leeway to push quick for  a 9 – 6 lead into the second half. On our CT side, we were able to diffuse the bomb in the pistol, giving us the edge for a 11 – 6 lead. In the 21st round, we were leading 1 4- 7 and looking to close the game out confidently. During the 23rd round, we charged through the middle of the map and into Heroic’s arms. SIXER found himself in a 1v1, unable to clutch the round. This didn’t deter us, the boys all had grins and were caught laughing at the end of this lost round. Although the overextending cost us our economy, ScreaM showed off his one-tap abilities with a set of 3 headshots to solidify our win. Game 1 was ours at 16 – 9.


The second map was Heroic’s pick of Mirage where we started on the T side. The game started much like the first. We won the pistol and the two consecutive afterwards as well as the first full buy of the half thanks to kioShiMa’s amazing 1v2 clutch through the smoke post plant. kio wasn’t the only one with the kills either. ScreaM showed off his skill throughout the game with one-taps galore. We ended our T half leading 10 – 5 and we took the pistol round once again, the lead did not last much longer. Once we hit a 12th round, Heroic clawed back into the match, winning 10 rounds in a row and taking the second game 16 – 12. In a post match interview with the analyst panel, kio spoke on the missteps in Mirage. “We lost rounds when we knew what they were going to do. That’s when we lost track of what was happening ,” he said. “We tried everything but nothing worked for us.”


Train was the deciding map for us in the series. This time, we started off on the CT side of things, but still pulled off the pistol round. Once again, it was a story of the headshot machine himself, ScreaM. 18 out of his 32 kills on Train were headshots and he was able to bring in round wins for us with triple and quadra kills. Though ScreaM and the boys were able to win rounds convincingly throughout the first half, Heroic put up a fight to bring us to a close 9 – 6 scoreline. Once more, we took the pistol on our T side, but Heroic put a stop to the 3 round beginning, though that was short lived as well. The rounds then flowed in Heroic’s favor as our money ran dry and we were unable to win anti-eco rounds where Heroic had little to no utilities or good weapons. Soon we were tied 13 – 13 and the wins were back and forth until ScreaM found his mojo once again. Our economy was weak, but we managed a 14th round to save ourselves from being reset, which led to a 15th round. On the final round, we rushed through upper B for a quick anti-eco to seize the win 16 – 13.


The series was well-fought and full of confidence as we won 2 – 1 over Heroic. We advance into the finals tomorrow in a rematch against Natus Vincere! Be sure to tune in to the PGL Twitch channel so you don’t miss the action!


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