CS:GO Asia Championships 2018 Group Stage Recap

This weekened, Envy is in China for the CS:GO Asia Championship (CAC) 2018. In the CAC, we will be taking on the likes of Natus Vincere, Heroic, Tyloo and more for a $300, 000 prize pool. Each team will play in Best-of-threes within two groups with the top two teams of each group advancing to Semi-finals. The teams in the lower brackets will fight for their spot in the Quarter-finals. If you don’t want to miss out on the action, you can check out the Twitch stream here!

Day 1 Recap

We opened up the first day of the CAC with a series against ua Natus Vincere. Game 1 was set on NaVi’s map pick of Overpass, where we started on the Terrorist (T) side. We began with the pistol round, but NaVi turned the tides, gaining a 6 – 1 lead over us. We managed to bring back the first half by reading NaVi’s aggressive Counter-Terrorist (CT) playstyle, and we closed the half with a close 6 – 9 with NaVi leading. In our CT half, we took the pistol win once again. We began to lead against NaVi, taking 5 rounds in row. NaVi soon tied us, bringing our economy down. NaVi soon grabbed the lead once more. But we weren’t ready to give up Overpass just yet. We denied the match point for NaVi and gained our 13th point thanks to ScreaM’s 1v1 post plant clutch. We took the next round for a 14 – 14 tie, and the rounds went back an forth again until we found ourselves in overtime (OT). In the first half of overtime, we stayed on the CT side, we took the first OT round, but NaVi equalized it. NaVi led into the second half of OT, and eventually won the first map. We fell with a close 16 – 19.


In the next game, we fought NaVi on our map pick of Inferno. We started on the T side, picking up the pistol and the next two rounds for an early lead. We maintained our lead throughout, besting NaVi’s aggressive defense in order to take the first half 11 – 4. When it was time for our CT half, NaVi managed to take away our pistol round winning streak. This began their claw back from only 4 rounds on the board. Soon, we were tied with with NaVi 11 – 11, grabbing the next round. Unfortunately, that was not enough. NaVi took the game 16 -12, and we fell 0 – 2 in the series.


Our next series of the day was against VG.Flash Gaming. We started on the T side, taking the first three rounds for ourselves. VG.Flash closed the gap, tying the scoreline. Despite the closeness of the rounds and the lack of a padded economy on either side, we managed to take the lead into the second half 9 – 6. VG.Flash tied the score 9 – 9  in the first of our CT half. Despite this, we took the next full buy round to begin our lead once more. Though we were in the lead, VG.Flash became more aggressive into the half, but we held out, to match point. In the final round, VG.Flash were in a weak buy and we took advantage for the kill, winning 16 – 10.


Cache, VG.Flash’s pick, was the second map of the series where we started CT side. VG.Flash was able to lead 8 – 3 over us. In the twelfth round, we  boosted up ScreaM for a surprise attack on VG.Flash, which worked in our favor. ScreaM was able to drop 2 before needing to fall back. This gave us control over the map for a round win. This win also paved the way for a comeback. We ended the half down 7 – 8. kioShiMa then clutched the pistol round for a tie. We gained the first three rounds of our T side, and although VG.Flash were able to gain a 9th and 10th round, we kept their economy honest, not allowing them to hold many–if any–guns into their lost rounds. SIXER was popping off as well on Cache with his 2 and 3 AWP kills in some rounds as well as a no scope to deny a retake from Highway to A site. Although VG.Flash were able to take us down to a few 1 versus 1s, we took Cache 16 – 11 for a 2 – 0 series win.


Be sure to tune in to our next match against Heroic on Sunday, June 17th on the PGL Twitch Channel!


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