Team Envy Fall 1 – 3 in the ELEAGUE Challengers Day 4

In our match up against Quantum Bellator Fire, our CS coach, maLeK, chose to step in for RpK. After the game against Flash Gaming, RpK fell ill and had to sit out for the day. QB Fire chose to take us to Inferno for this game, and we chose to start on the Terrorist side.

We picked up the first round of our T half, and QB picked up the next. Though this killed our economy for the third round, we were able to bring it back with upgraded pistols in order to begin a winning streak. We didn’t allow for QB to breathe as we switched the pace from aggressive to passive and back again. Soon we were in a 7 – 1 lead thanks to our relentless attacks and ScreaM’s impressive plays. Each round, ScreaM took down 3 to 4 of QB’s players, which helped to open the bomb sites or close out rounds. Though QB fought back, catching us off guard with their aggression here and there, we ended the first half at  dominant 10 – 5.

Despite our dominance, Quantum Bellator Fire was unshaken. They pushed up Banana toward B site immediately in the first round of their Terrorist side, taking the pistol. We struggled to find a way into the second half despite being able to trade kill for kill and creating even playing fields. Happy was able to make it expensive for QB despite our loss of round 21 by getting 4 kills and saving an AWP into the next round. Hurting their economy wasn’t enough because QB wasn’t allotting us a round win. We were able to gain our first round of our Counter-Terrorist half with a weak buy and Happy’s strong plays. Unfortunately, we were unable to mount a comeback, and we fell 12 – 16 to Quantum Bellator Fire.

We fell in the Challenger series 1 – 3. Although we were down a man in this game, we played well and gave it our all. We wish RpK a quick recovery and are very thankful to maLeK for stepping in for the match today.