ELEAGUE: Road to Boston Challengers Day 3

Our Day 3 match up was against Flash Gaming, who was also sent to the elimination bracket. With the qualifiers on the line, today was our comeback day. In the map pick and ban stage, we chose Inferno for our battle, and Flash Gaming chose the Counter-Terrorist side. Our Terrorist tactics were strong, and we gained a 7 round lead in the first half. In round 8, Flash Gaming was able to gain their first round, but with our ability to buy into the next round–and Happy’s reliable lurk strats– we began another winning streak. Unfortunately, we a few players in every round despite winning, which dampened our economy. Though Flash Gaming picked up another two rounds, we finished off our Terrorist half with a strong 12 – 3 score.

Flash Gaming took the first round of the second half with an aggressive attack up Banana to wrap around toward A to confuse our defense. We were unable to gain footing until round 21 with upgraded pistols and an awesome 1v4 clutch from xms. This brought the score to 13 – 9, and we were ready to close the match. Flash Gaming conceded another round over, but they weren’t out of surprises yet. Flash closed the gap from 5 rounds to only one by breaking our economy once again. In round 28, we dropped the bomb during their B site push and picked up our 15th round. Despite Flash Gaming’s heavy attacks and determination, we took the game 16 – 13.

With one elimination round down, we look to make the comeback and move onto the Major in Boston! Our current standing is 1 – 2, and we take on Quantum Bellator Fire. Don’t miss out on the action! Tomorrow’s matches start at 10am EST on the ELEAGUE Twitch Channel.