ELEAGUE Road to Boston: Challengers Day 2

In our second match for the Challenger series, we faced Renegades on Cache. For this match up, we started on the Counter-Terrorist side. We picked up the first two rounds, but Renegades were able to take us down in the third. Renegades soon took the lead at 6 – 3, and we found our economy to be in a rough place. We were able to fully buy once again in the 10th round, and RpK held true to his nickname, “The Tank,” with his 3 kills to defend A site with SIXER closing the round with the two final kills. Though we were down 4- 9, SIXER popped off once again in round 14. He landed four critical AWP shots to keep the sites locked down despite us losing mid control. Unfortunately, Renegades were up 10 – 5 in the first half as we switched to the Terrorist side.

On our Terrorist half, we were able to win out the pistol round once more. Renegades guessed our next move though and rushed B to catch us as we gathered for a boost into site. With our economy reset and Renegades feeling confident, we fell in the next two rounds. Round 20 was the first full gun round of the second half. We were able to damage the Renegades’ economy, but were unable to plant the bomb to pad our own. Though we pushed hard into the sites, Renegades seemed to be able to counter most everything we threw. Ultimately, we fell 6 – 16 against Renegades and are currently 0 – 2 in the series.

Despite the losses we’ve seen so far, we still stand confident that we can bring it back! Tomorrow, be sure to tune in as we face Flash Gaming in the 0 – 2 bracket. The stream starts at 10am EST on the ELEAGUE Twitch Channel, so don’t be late!

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